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Best viewed on your desktop, here you'll find some client showcases, a more in-depth look at what I've captured for them, various industries from construction to health and vehicles, even photos of firewood! You'll see how many images I delivered and a gauge on costs to give you an idea/indication on what can be achieved. Each had an individual brief and budget and I was able to achieve results for them! Some even took a photo & video package for even more exposure.

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Rolling thunder Harley davidson

Local bike, worldwide competition

Brief: Capture every angle of their custom built bike for a competition

Goal: To show the bike in it's best light and go for the win!


Images delivered 97

Cost $760+gst

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Rolling thunder Harley davidson


Up and coming business 

Brief: Do it all for me!


Goal: Exposure!

Images delivered 100s

1x Behind the scene video

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tomkies construction

Established business updating website, marketing, photos, presence.

Brief: Showcase particular builds, in both video and photo formats


Goal: For use as promotional material, both online and print

Images delivered 35

1x Introduction video

Cost $1400+gst

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