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Need a new profile picture, but don't want the

hastle of organising a shoot?! 

Come into our Pop Up Photoshoot near you!

15min Photoshoot on a white background


In & Out

1x High Quality Professional Photo

For only $99!

Get a brand new professional profile photo in 5 easy steps!!


Book online


Show up on time




Choose your favourite image onsite


Image is edited and emailed to you!

It's as simple as that!

Check out the examples and FAQs below...



Terms and Conditions & FAQ

Can I book in my entire team? 

Absolutely, you can even choose the time that best suits them and their schedule.

They can simply come down, have it done and be back to work in no time at all!

Just book them in individually using their email and phone number so they get all the notifications and details for their shoot!

What if I'm late?

I don't wanna say it, but unfortunately it's bad luck -

You get 15mins so it's up to you how much time you'd like to dedicate to your shoot! Its quickfire and cheaper for a reason!

So, my advice is - maximise your time,

arrive a little earlier so you're ready to go when it's your time to get the most from it!

There are no refunds on being late or missing your booking,

so stay sharp and arrive ready to go! 

What should I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in!

It's waist up, it's on a white background so anything works, even white!

Avoid horizontal stripes, black is flattering, and try wearing layers.

You only get one outfit choice per 15mins.

How many photos do I get to keep?

Just one per 15min session.

Can I book more than one appointment so I can do

outfit changes and get more photos?

Yes, they would need to be booked individually as consecutive sessions.

You get 1 official photo to keep per session, but if you'd like more they are $50 each.

If your time slot allows you could possibly fit

3 or 4 outfit changes in a 30min session.

So for example if you booked 30mins and wanted 3 photos total it would be:

$99 + $99 + $50 = $248inc gst

Invoice for additional images is sent to you post shoot.

How many photos will you take?

Usually it's about 10-15. We get about 10mins of shooting time and

5 mins of admin to say hi and choose your photo. So it's really quick! 

If you think you need or would like more,

a personalised shoot maybe more suitable for you. 

How do I choose my photo?

Within the 15mins we go through the images captured and you choose onsite.

Can I change my mind about the photo I choose after?

Yes, but there is more admin to organise this and edit a new photo

so it would be another $150inc to manage this process with you.

What if I don't like the photo?

My goal is for you to really like your photo, hopefully love it!

But in the unfortunate circumstance where you don't like it,

I will work with you to find out why and if we can come up with a

solution to reslove it for you. 

There is no refunds as there is a bit of risk involved when you

book a quick shoot like this where we don't have much time to

work through things, it's basically up to you to bring what you want to show!

I'll help you feel comfortable and work with you, it's an exciting, fast paced process but if you feel like you'd prefer more time and

more options to get a better result, get in touch and 

we can organise a personalised shoot for you.

How long does it take to get my photo?

Usually it's about two weeks, there's a lot of clients to get done,

however if you need it sooner,

please let me know and we can work to try get it to you asap!

Can we choose a different background?

No, we have just white only for these POP UP shoots. 

Can I bring a friend or collegue and share in the same 15mins?!

No, it is an individual photoshoot.

They will require their own 15min slot and payment.

Can you come to my workplace?

Absolutely, however there is a different customised process for this,

so feel free to enquire about what's involved. 

By booking a session you agree to these terms and conditions.

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