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Radio is like my hairline, it expired...

Lots has changed over time, like my hairline and ability to see without glasses But if you didn't know, radio was were it started for me... selling advertising in the pursuit in helping other businesses tell the world they exist! But while I was more than happy to help, my burning desire was to give people a lasting thing, rather than something that expired at the end of the month... Rewind 15 years and I started a DJ business, and since then have always promoted it with not only a good time for my clients, but photos online - socials, website & Google. While the platforms changed the photos didn't, I was able to reuse them over and over again, and they didn't expire even 15 years on... so knowing how valuable that has been, Display was born on the building block I was able to take, what I feel is a decent photo. Since then all kinds of businesses have jumped at the same chance to use photos that I've captured for them online that have ROI that quite frankly, keeps giving year in year out. And the feedback from clients is "I wish I had done it sooner, we use the photos all the time!" So what's the lesson?.. Radio is like my hairline, it expired and now is just a distant memory, and photos are the only way I can prove the hairline that I once had and how good it looked! They wouldn't believe me if I couldn't prove it!

So put your business on display! Tell the world you exist! Show people what you have, they won't ever know otherwise! It's impossible to sell a secret!

Best ROI advertising

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