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My hairs went all prickly!

"Hi Brendan we were really impressed with how you just took the Northlands Mall brief and ran with it and produced some great shots, this may or may not work but I’ll give you a quick outline of a job in Auckland and Wellington we'd like you to do!"

I was fizzing! It's honestly amazing to me that these opportunities happen! When clients are willing to spend more money to fly, accommodate and feed me, all to capture their business for them! It is honestly amazing and I'm so thankful and honored to be asked!

I'm up for a challenge! But when there's this added pressure of "we've flown him up for this shoot" vibes... you know all eyes on you! #isithotinhere #justmeok

So, the brief, the travel, the shoot and the delivery all happened, the only thing was our weather, it wasn't great but we still managed to produce these and many other images. In fact there were 40 images and 15 video clips delivered to help

put my clients property portfolio on display.

"I would highly recommend Brendan without question - not only for the finished product but also for his professionalism, how easy it is to work with him throughout the whole process, and how he hits the ground running and delivers amazing shots that are exactly on brief. Thank you Brendan!"

Emma - Insight Creative

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Make contact with us and let's discuss how we can help you get you or your business on display!

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