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Toilets... not really something you think about and actually how they could be cool right?! But Mel from @propelindustriesnz had an idea - and it was epic! Adding in humor with Scientist Steve as the Flushologist, he put the Tornado V3 through it's paces, seeing if it was great or a piece of number two!
He did so well with his lines and really got into character!

We made a series of 8 short videos covering all the features of the Tornado V3, for both the consumer and wholesalers in mind.

Mels planning and creative spin was so impressive and I was stoked to be apart of and put her dreams and ideas into reality! She absolutely nailed it! :)

Thanks for having me team!

Shoutout to @ninetwentyonestudios for the use of their studio for this shoot too!


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